Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Visual C++

Set of functions provided by DLL API is declared in ftvspcstatic.h file.

Dynamic Linking

We have developed ftvspc.c module that simplifies loading of ftvspc.dll file and retrieves entry points for exported functions.

Just add ftvspc.c and ftvspc.h files to your project. You also need to include ftvspc.h in one of your files.

#include "ftvspc.h"

Note: Do not include ftvspcstatic.h file, if you use dynamic linking.


Before using API you need to call FtVspcApiInit() function. If the function sucseeds, you can use API functions.

 * Return value:
 * TRUE, if DLL is loaded successfully, FALSE otherwise.

Use FtVspcApiClose() when API is not needed anymore. This function unloads DLL.


Static Linking

For static linking, add ftvspcstatic.h and ftvspc.lib files to your project. You need to include ftvspcstatic.h in one of your files.

#include "ftvspcstatic.h"

Note: Do not include ftvspc.h file, if you use static linking.
Note: It's recommened to use dynamic linking instead of static.