GPS Receiver

VE Teltronics develops products and services for the marine industry. Our focus is on GPS tracking systems in combination with fleet management. We offer our customer innovative and cost effective solutions.

We will now launch our first product, "YachtSafe". This is a complete alarm system, with tracking possibilities, and different fleet management services. The system is specially designed for charter boats. It offers different supervision features for the boat owner and the charter company.

One unique feature is the Ground detection. If the boat, on a charter, hits an under water rock, it will immediately send an alarm to the boat owner. The boat owner will also receive a log, which can be used to visualize what have happen in a digital sea map in his computer.

Virtual Serial Port Control

GPS data is received from the boat to the computer via the GSM network. The YachtSafe PC application will handle the incoming data and use a standard Sea map application in order to visualize the boat in a digital map.

Virtual Serial Ports Pair

The communication between our application and the sea map application is done through a Fabulatech Virtual Serial Port. By using a virtual comport we have a generic way of communication, and supports most of the sea map applications on the market. The sea map applications is designed to listen to a comport for incoming GPS data, from a GPS device connected to the computer.

We have chosen to use a virtual com port from Fabulatech, "Virtual Serial Port control". The main reason for this was that it offers a smooth integration with our application and also due to the excellent support that we have received from Fabulatech during our development.

Best Regards.

Fredrik Lantz & Kjell Ove Vik.
VE Teltronics

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