DTT Surveillance Inc., the leading supplier of digital surveillance solutions for the restaurant industry, has adopted FabulaTech's excellent Virtual Serial Port Kit ("VSPK") product to further DTT's major Point of Sale software integration efforts. DTT uses its OEM license to deploy VSPK on many of its multiple hundred new deployed DVR servers each month.

VSPK is used to integrate seamlessly with serial port dependent legacy software and provides a stable serial loopback without any more need to connect physical cables. Committed to providing its customers only the best solutions, DTT went through a rigorous testing process of both free and paid-for local serial port kit emulation software and decided that VSPK offers the best performance and stability available today to establish local loopback connections.

DTT is also using VSPK during testing, troubleshooting and software development and has proven time and time again to be a reliable solution, effectively replacing our previous needs for physical COM ports which were often limited. The ease of use of VSPK has helped DTT speed up engineering and troubleshooting processes. We especially treasure the ability to add and remove serial ports on the fly.

VSPK is now fully integrated in our software stack and we are very happy to have found FabulaTech and their excellent software.

Best regards,
Alex Muller
Research & Development Manager
DTT Inc.
Los Angeles, CA 90031 US

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