Configuring Virtual Serial Ports

Virtual Serial Port Kit creates virtual serial ports and connects each pair of them via a virtual null-modem cable.

Virtual Serial Port Kit Toolbar

Click Add Virtual Port Pair button in order to create pair of virtual serial ports connected via a virtual null-modem cable.

Add Virtual Port Pair

Then select virtual serial port pair you want to create.

Virtual Serial Port Kit supports COM ports overlapping. It means that virtual serial port can have the same name as existing physical COM port.
If overlapped virtual COM port is created, it will be accessed instead of physical one.

Click Advanced button if you want to set up a null-modem scheme and a bitrate emulation.

Virtual Serial Port Kit allows you to create different types of virtual null-modem cables. Refer to Using Different Null-Modem Schemes for details.

Then click OK button.

Virtual Serial Port Pair