Using Command Line Utility

Use vspkcmd.exe console program to configure virtual serial ports via command line interface.

You can find vspkcmd.exe program within Virtual Serial Port Kit program folder.

Command Line Keys

Key Description
add <COM-port> <COM-port> [/pinout full|partial1|partial2|loopback] [/dcd 1|0] [/ring 1|0] [/bitrate 1|0] Add virtual serial port pair.
remove <COM-port> <COM-port> Remove virtual serial port pair.
removeall Remove all virtual ports.
list [physical|pairs] [/info] List serial ports.
enable Enable all virtual ports.
disable Disable all virtual ports.
help [COMMAND] Show this help.

Command Line Usage Examples:

Example Description
vspkcmd.exe add 3 4 Add COM3 to COM4 virtual port pair.
vspkcmd.exe remove 3 4 Remove COM3 to COM4 virtual port pair.
vspkcmd.exe removeall Remove all.
vspkcmd.exe add 5 5 /pinout loopback Add COM5 virtual loopback plug.