To connect ActiveSync to the Pocket PC emulator you have to create virtual serial ports pair by using our Virtual Serial Port Kit product. The null modem scheme should be with full handshaking and DTR to DCD connection. That option is enabled by default. Serial ports COM1 through COM4 are the only usable ports within the emulator.

How to configure the development workstation to use ActiveSync

  • Create virtual serial port pair (for example COM3 - COM4)
  • Added virtual serial port pair COM3 to COM4
  • Make sure that you’ve set the following registry key (COM# has to be equal COM1 - COM4):
    [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services]
  • Registry Editor
  • If a Pocket PC device is connected to the workstation, remove the device from its cradle and disconnect the cradle from the workstation.
  • In the ActiveSync application, on the File menu, click Connection Settings
  • Ensure that the Allow serial cable or infrared connection to this COM port check box is selected.
  • Set the communications (COM) port in the drop-down list box to COM4 (or one of the COM ports to which the virtual pair is connected).
  • ActiveSync Connection Settings
  • Click OK to close the Connection Settings dialog box.
  • In eMbedded Visual C++, on the Tools menu, click Configure Platform Manager.
  • In the device list, click Pocket PC Emulator, and then click Properties.
  • Click the Configure button to the right of the Startup Server drop-down list box.
  • In the drop-down list box next to Serial Port 1, click COM3 (or the other COM port to which the virtual pair is connected).
  • Emulation Configuration Settings
  • Click OK to close the Emulation Configuration Settings dialog box.
  • Click Test.
  • When the emulator image is loaded and Platform Manager has completed its test, press and hold CTRL (equivalent to the Action key on the device), and click and hold the clock in the upper right of the title bar. When the shortcut menu appears, click Run.
    Note: When the emulator image loads, ActiveSync may try to connect to it; however, this connection will be unsuccessful. If a dialog box appears, asking whether to disconnect the port from ActiveSync or retry, click retry.
  • In the Run dialog box, type repllog and then click OK. The repllog.exe file is the device-side part of ActiveSync that initiates a connection to the partner computer.
  • Starting the device-side part of ActiveSync
  • ActiveSync on the desktop computer side of the development workstation will detect a client that is trying to connect without an established partnership. This detection will cause the New Partnership Wizard to be displayed (the same wizard appears when a new or cold-booted Pocket PC device is connected to a desktop computer). In this wizard, first choose whether to establish a partnership or connect as a guest.
    Note: Establishing a guest connection is convenient when the sole purpose of the connection is to transfer files by means of ActiveSync.
  • Type a name that will be used to identify the partnership and to set the device name of the emulator image.
  • Select the types of information to be synchronized with the emulator.

When the New Partnership Wizard is complete, ActiveSync will synchronize the selected data to the emulator. After this synchronization, any changes made to the information (either in the emulator or on the desktop computer) will be synchronized.

Note: After a partnership is established, use the Save Emulator State option when exiting the emulator. This option preserves the partnership and data for future use in the emulator.
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